The challenge of strategic communications is to help build our client’s brand or reputation with the internal and external audiences that care the most about them. We are particularly good at distilling complex issues or situations and crafting them into straightforward language and compelling stories. Using all types of communications tools –speeches, reports, print materials, press releases and corporate videos – we have ensured that many organizations and institutions we represent have their messages not only heard but also acted upon.


Clients count on us when they are under fire and no matter what the challenge. When the unexpected happens, we support them with strategic and sensible plans of action that allow them to focus on tending to business while protecting their reputation and brand value.

We anticipate potential crises through realistic threat assessment, informed by knowledge of government and stakeholder reaction. Our crisis communications services include media management and press releases, stakeholder management and communications, and news conferences.


Editorial coverage builds our clients’ reputations faster than any other communications vehicle and we use every medium including print, broadcast, and the internet to showcase their stories.

We’ve been pitching good news articles for more than 30 years and have built long-term relationships with those who create the content that influences our clients’ target audiences. We have developed relationships based on trust and respect with Canada’s national, regional and local media. Our comprehensive media relations outreach strategies include the creation of press releases, opinion pieces and media list development.


We are passionate about fusing ideas, content and aesthetics to ensure our clients’ brands feel authentic and reflect their core values.

In today’s media age, we understand that the web is the one of the most powerful tools for marketing and outreach to target audiences. Being at the forefront of all things digital, we can help you shape your brand, from start to finish. Our host of services includes logo and website design/creation, e-commerce development as well as the development of all written content.

Social media is another key mechanism for engaging with audiences, and provides a unique opportunity to create authentic relationships with customers and stakeholders. We offer planning, setup, and on-going management of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We ensure clients are prepared to put their best foot forward in interviews by preparing them for standard questions and unforeseen curve balls. We ensure they use the best language to get their messages through strongly and clearly and that spokespersons understand what motivates and informs the work of journalists.

We also provide clients with the tools to deal with both internal and external stakeholders. Ensuring complex or problematic issues get dealt with smartly requires structured communications strategies. We help train our clients to develop messaging that is audience-focused and effective.

We offer both group courses and one-on-one spokesperson training.